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Please add your wish list here for the next Wrangler generation.
The JL is amazing but still... why not want more?
Here is my wish list.

- Extensible trunk.
I see 2 options here - either have the rear doors (2 equal doors) open horizontally and lock in place in line with the car body and drag from below the trunk 2 plates that became the bed and the door.Then from the top of the trunk drag a texture like cover to zip the rest.
The other option is just more doable I think - take down the door, take down the a rear frame - a thin square like a section from the car. Then add another wider section to extend the trunk. Then put back the rear with the lights and the rest and the door. This is doable in a garage not on the go but I think is more feasible.
Cmon Wrangler you can do this! This is the future of the cars. I mean we need short cars sometime (most of the time) and bigger trunk some other time. Why have 2 cars for that?

- Independent suspensions but connected with liquid - not with gas as some systems are today. Liquid cannot be compressed so this will result in the same behavior like having solid axles but with huge advantages - the middle of the car wont have that pumpkin but it can be flat and high, the onroad behavior will be better, there will be a lot of weight saved and even the turning circle will be smaller.
Also - with solid axles, the wheel on the ground goes down at an angle (with the bottom part going towards the middle of the car) while with this system, the wheels will just go down perpendicular on the ground. (way better)

- extensible wheels!
Wheels have 2 purposes - support the vehicle and push forward.
We can have some balloons (with deep treads) popping out of the wheels to aid with traction. So those wont be for supporting but for advancing. Those should be Kevlar reinforced and pre-pressurized. You push a button, they pop out when you are stuck in deep mud or snow, and voila - now you have huge traction.
Could also be used to cross waters I think.
Those balloons should have the shape of the wheels similar sizes, maybe a little bigger and they will be soft. This way I think you will get a huge print on the ground and a huge traction. I cant see how you can get stuck with this.

- Seats fall flat and form a bed. Cmon people. We build cars for hundred of years and you cant make 2 chairs to fall flat to form a bed? It just hurts my mind to accept this. The front seats fall flat, the rear seats fall flat on same level and you got your camping bed ready. Maybe have some mattresses sticked to the inside of the roof (will also aid insulation).
You flatten the seats, (do something with the steering wheel - push it in or drag it up), drop the mattresses and thats it!
You leave the trunk as it is with luggage.

- Smaller engine bay, small engine, shorter car. We can put really small engines. On the next wrangler iteration, I would like to see a far shorter bonnet and overall car.

- Lifting the car - air suspension but I would like to have the car with coils and on top of that to have air suspension. The air suspension is not really reliable - but it that fails, you can still go on coils. Then, because you use the air suspension only from time to time, it might live longer. Also air suspension gets more rigid as you lift the car but not with this system. (tho the suspension could be better to be more rigid when lifted)

- No electric engine or other weird stuff. No electronics. No updates. Just none! The infotainment system should just be for navigation and information. So no electronic sensors, no small engines that do things. No electric steering wheel or handbrake. Cmon we need a real car. Electronic stability only if is a must and you should be able to disable it offroad.

- Drop the removing windshield. It adds so much to the weight of the car and nobody is using it. Or just make an european/international version lighter for the rest. If you calculate how much weight all the Wranglers carry for those features that are not used, I think we can move the Earth with that energy :).

- Put the wheels on line with the car body - I find it hard to imagine where my wheels are if they are far outside of what I see - the bonnet. So just make some tests - people have a good perception of where things are - relative to the edges of the car - so use that. I think you can put the wheels a bit outside but not as much as they are now.

- add the camera system the discovery has - where you can see your front wheels transparently
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