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Wrangler Optional Equipment

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OK so I bought my Jeep used. Went to the dealer and got a print out of the vin with the standard equipment and the options it came with. I am now a bit confused. It shows all 4 springs listed individually each with their own code as well as 2 different customer preferred packages, but it doesn't tell me what these packages consist of.. Does anyone have any ideas how to find this info out cuz the guy at Jeep game me the deer in headlights stare when i asked him.
The springs are ZNVP-Right Rear
ZPFP-Right Front
ZAVP-Left Rear
ZBFP-Left Front
Customer Preferred Package 2TX-2TXA
Customer Preferred Package 25X-25X
ANy help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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