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Firstly a huge thanks to all the help from my injector post, you guys answered everything I needed to know :)

I now have an annoying issue, both my doors are letting water through. I am not on my soft top as its brand new and I love the look, its not leaking from there I am 100% sure. I have purchased new door seals ( rugged ridge ) fitted them easily, I thought ' Great, sorted '. Its been crappy here in the UK and its been hooning down with rain, and its still creeping in and dripping down the bottom of the door and into my foot well. It appears to seal really well, but its somehow getting in and I cant figure it out. Could my doors be slightly out of alignment maybe? Its on both so would be strange but I am out of ideas here guys :( happy to post up pics if needed.

P.S Had a a thought, it couldnt possibly be my sill guards I put on could it? It doesnt seem to change how the door closes?


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