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Only 47k miles and just died after stopping for coffee. Engine turns over and cranks ok, good battery. The dash gauges appear to be dead and no fault codes from ignition self test or OBD2 hand held tester.
Replacing CPS did not resolve it $70
Replacing Fuel Pump Assy did not fix it $200
Replacing Ignition Switch did not fix it $38
Jumper Test Relays pin 3-5 ASD and Fuel, good injector rail pressure and 12v at coil good but still won't start.
All ground straps frame to motor to dash cleaned and verified.
Ohm resistance ok on distributor cam position sensor, coil, tps.
Problem No 5 Volts measured between pins A-B-C on any sensor resulting in a faulty PCM $225 refurbished.
FYI minimum configuration for starting can have unplugged Oxygen Sensor, Tranny Odometer Sensor, and Dash removed.
Shopping now for the ignition key cylinder that fell apart...
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