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Wrangler unlimited super top vs trek top?

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I have a 2007 wrangler unlimited and am trying to decide between the bestow super top and the bestop trek top. Would love to hear others experience and recommendations. Of particular concern is the ease of installation and the ease of taking the tops on and off - less concerned with wind noise. Any help greatly appreciated.
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I just put a Supertop NX on my jeep about a month ago. Biggest pain in the ass install ever. Not because it was especially difficult, but because the instructions that came from Bestop were absolute crap. What should have taken me an hour...maybe an hour and a half ended up taking 5 hours. This includes the time spent on forums and youtube trying to find video of exactly how things went together.

Now that it's installed, I'm fairly happy with it. The day after I installed it we had a major rainstorm. I had one leak that was solved with a bit of foam tape. Since then I've had no issues.

As to the difference between trektop and supertop? The main question is "Do you prefer to run with the top completely down or with a bikini top?" If top down, go supertop. If bikini, go Trektop.

EDIT: Missed your ease of use question.

I can put the top up and down by myself in about 10 minutes, 2-3 minutes or so if I skip the windows, and less than 30 seconds to open up the sunroof part. The problem is window storage. If I take the top down, the windows are generally in my garage as I don't want them flapping around the back and I haven't found a good way to store them yet.
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