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Okay anyone already running with these wheels? I'm going with 20" and they only come in 9" or 12" width. I like the depth of the 12" wheel but the offset is -44 compared to -12 for the 9". I'm mounting 35"x12.5" Nitto Trial Grappler g2s on the wheels. I have seen some pictures of 12" wheels mounted on 12.5" tires and the sidewall doesn't look right to me. A Mopar 4" lift is getting installed prior to the new wheels and tres as well.

So I'm wondering if anyone is already running either of these combinations and if you could post pics and/or comments.

Any comments or knowledge on this matter is welcome. I need to make a decision by Monday on which width to go with so any help would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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