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Hey Everyone,

I've searched and learned quite a bit about the JKU Audio setup and have started on my own journey to get better results from the system.

I have some questions that dont seem to be answered yet and was hoping someone might be able to help me.

I have had conflicting information that the tweeter on a 2014 JKU is full range?

If so, could I not take this signal and run it to a crossover for a set of 6.5 Component speakers?

IF NOT - could i still run this signal to the crossover, then to the tweeter? Mainly to help ensure a better crossover cut off of 3200K (as per the specs) and to utilize the ability to tone down the volume via the +3 0 -3 options on the cross over.

IF the woofer and the tweeter get different signals, could I combine them at the crossover to get a full signal???

My tweeter has a range of 1800 to 22000hz and feel that it might catch to much low end if i just hook it up straight to the factory lines... it does sound pretty good though.

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