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I'm sure I'll get a lot of varying opinion on brands and qualifying the term "best" 2-2.5" kit but thought we could discuss building a kit in this height range as others might be interested.

I have a '14 JKRU with 315/70-17 Duratracs on AEV Salta's (both recently acquired) and a terrible spacer lift from the previous owner. I think it's a 3" Fabtech Kit, which is throwing all sorts of thing out of whack. I feel like I'm floating in outer space, I avoid bumps at all costs for fear of veering off course and going much beyond 60mph makes me questions physics.

What I'd like to accomplish:
I'm trying to piece together a fairly complete system because I specifically want a quality component 2-2.5" lift. Most "complete" systems that include a trackbar, correction brackets, bump-stops and/or other nice to have's are in the 3"+ range (AEV 3.5 RS, TR S/T3, etc) and I understand why (angles!). However, while it may not be necessary at this "height", I'm assuming these pieces wouldn't hurt and if anything provide some benefit? Maybe we REALLY don't need this stuff but I'm trying to figure out why if that's the case.

Here's what I've pieced together based on info from the "best lift combo" thread and some others I've read. I'm hoping to do the lift myself to gain some knowledge and experience so keep that in mind as well.

Is this headed in the right direction?
What else would I need to complete the kit (nuts, bolts, beer?)?
Thoughts on different brands or better product pairings?
I'm :pcwhack: and should have used more search?

TF 2.5 Coil Kit
TF Fox 2.0 Shocks
AEV Geo Brackets
Exhaust Spacer Kit
TF Monster Trackbar
Fox Steering Stabilizer
Northridge Grade 8 Kit
TF Front and Rear SpeedBump Kit

Not sure what if anything I need for the rear honestly tracking wise, and I'd probably consider a DS replacement but not sure I could do that myself?

Thanks everyone!

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I just put a TF 2.5" lift in our Jeep this weekend. I did a review on the tech forum about it. It answers a few of your questions. I used many of the parts you are asking about.

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