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Replacing my AX15 with the 32RH. Has anyone been successful with swapping on the auto ecu and getting the proper pin and wiring it yourself for the electronic lock up to work off the ecu? I am not going to put in a switch to manually engage it-
I did an earlier 999/32RH swap into a YJ about 10 years ago and this was not an issue.
Was going to go the AW4 route again, but my brother and I have done it twice and with wiring in the trans ecm or swapping in harnesses does not allow it to be a weekend job and scared potential buyers when they found out a 4 speed was swapped in. Keeping this one simple.
If anyone has any auto parts for my '95, let me know- kickdown cable, shifter cable- or even someone in FL looking to swap their working 32RH setup for a great working AX15 setup...can't post a WTB yet...
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