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Location: Staten Island, NY
Price: Hardtop $400 OBO, Storage Dolly $100 OBO, Hardtop Reinforcement Kit: $25 OBO.... Buy all three for $475

Jeep Wrangler YJ Spice Hardtop from my 1995 Sahara (will also fit a CJ):
- $400 OBO
- Excellent condition
- This is the original top that came with my jeep from the factory, I am the second owner of this jeep and have babied it since 2003
- Comes with mounting hardware
- All weather stripping recently replaced: hardtop to windshield frame, windshield corner seals, hardtop to body tub seals on sides, & rear hatch weather stripping
- Brand new rear wiper, works along with rear washer fluid
- NO factory defroster
- All windows tinted approx 30% light transmission: side windows were factory tinted, rear was clear... had it professionally tinted in Daytona Beach, FL they matched them all up so they would be tinted the same amount)
- rear dome light works, bulb replaced not too long ago
- rear lift struts were replaced not too long ago
- a few minor chips in the fiberglass on the bottom edge (shown in pics) from the 1st owner of the jeep, does not affect functionality or weather seals at all and cannot even see them when it is mounted on the jeep
- ALWAYS stored indoors on a storage dolly and covered when not on the jeep

- $100 OBO
- Lange Hardtop storage dolly with clamps
- Excellent condition
NOTE: Dolly sells for approx $140: 09D0016 - Hardtop Storage Dolly for 76-06 Jeep® CJ-7, Wrangler YJ & TJ - Quadratec
Clamps sell for approx $25: Lange Originals 17/MW02878 - Hardtop Liftgate Clamps for 76-06 Jeep® CJ-7, Wrangler YJ & TJ - Quadratec

Hardtop Reinforcement Kit: $25 OBO
kNOw Where 2Jeep JO100 - Hard Top Reinforcement Kit for 87-95 Jeep® Wrangler YJ - Quadratec


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