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YJ motor upgrade????

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I have a '95 Wrangler and the tranny is shot. Local shop quoted me 1700 to 2000 bucks to replace or rebuild. Motor is a 4 cyl. dog so now is the time to drop something with a little more punch. Any suggestions on what to put in there that would not be to difficult of a swap? I am a Ford guy as well so I am leaning towards a 289 or 302 with the appropriate transmission whatever that is. Any ideas or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Matt
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Send Ibuildembig (Regan) a PM. He's the go-to guy on the board for Ford V8 swaps. And he knows his YJs as well...
I swapped my 4.2, ba10, np207 for a 4.0, ax15, nv231 in my 87 YJ
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