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Yj needs help passing smog

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Hi everyone! I'm a new owner of a 1987 jeep wrangled and I'm super excited. It a 6 cylinder automatic. The problem is I can get it to pass smog because its a gross polluter it has something to do with the timing and emissions. Can anyone help or know of a good jeep mechanic in orange county LA or indland empire that can help me. I have gotten quotes for a thousand dollar or even $400 repair but a friend of mine said it just needs a tune up and minor fixes. He cant help right away because he lives far from me. Any help would be great! I also just ordered a repair manual.
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Basic tune-up plugs, rotor, cap, wires and carb cleaner/fi cleaner. Change the oil and make sure when you go it is up to operating temp for at least 15 minutes. Run the recommended fuel and maybe it will pass. For more info check this site it will explain a lot about the good ole smog checks.

How to Pass The Smog Inspection - Pass the Smog Check. Pass the smog test. Emissions NO, HC, CO, Hydrocarbon,Carbon Monoxide, Nitrous Oxide are the three smog forming chemicals. passing the smog, passing smog, ignition timing. pass smog
What part of the smog check is it flunking? NOx? O2? CO? Check codes. I think u can check codes by turn key to "on" 3 times in rapid sucession (but don't start motor). On the 3rd key "on" leave it on "on". Your chk engine lite will start blinking slowly (I think 5 times) then pause, then blink out a code with a pause between every digit
Take a pic and post your test report.

Cheg, its an '87, there are no codes, and there is no "MIL"
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