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YJ Progect! Need your input

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Okay, where to start. So i finally got a junky daily driver and the insurance is coming off my jeep in a week or two(1995, 6 cyl, manual). I am planning on building up my YJ to a trail monster.

My plans at first was to never drive the rig on the street again, just trailor it. That is because i was planning on doing a SOA. FULL WIDTH Dana 60 rear, locked and a locked FULL WIDTH dana 44 front. I was antipicating running 40 something inch tires, maybe 44. Once i did a reality check i dont think that would be plausible(sp?).I would hate to never drive it on the road again. So at the moment this is what im planning to do.......

Because i want to drive it on the street after im done with the build-up, these are my plans and would like to know what you think.....

I am planning on purchasing the 6' lift kit from SkyJacker. Yes, i know its a mono-leaf spring pack and all i have read were along these lines, "i bet they wouldnt flex great". Have any of you guys heard of read about the lift? Im gonna need new drive shafts for the front and rear and luckily i have a few driveshaft shops around my area so thats no big problem to worry about. SYE. I want to purchase Teraflex revolver shackles and would like your input on those as well. Im not planning on swapping the engine or transfer case. As for the axles, i have decided on a detroit locked 8.8 rear and keeping the front dana 30 with a true trac or something along those lines. What would you recommened for a front locker that is going to be a daily driver? What do you think of 37's on a dana 30? From what i understand, they are suprisingly strong. I am planning on running 37' tires so i am assuming i am going to need a body lift. 1 or 2 inch at the most. Would you think the 8.8 will 'grenade' if i regear it to 4.88 or 5.13, same as the front obviously. Im going to gut the interrior, herc. the tub, take out stock front seats and install some Baja seats. Make a durable roll cage. Im also gonna body armor it pretty good and dont need input on that.

I think that is it for the time. I may have forgot some things here and there, it is getting late and im getting tired. I also have a bonus so to speak. I have $2000 to spend at the Jeep dealership. I know this may strange but i cant think of anything i need from the dealership besides a new starter because mine is gonna go sooner or later. Would i be able to buy aftermarket products from the dealership? If not what would you recommened me getting? I never thought that i cant spend $2000 at the jeep dealership. If i can order aftermarket parts that will be a different story.

Okay guys, need your input. What would you do different? What looks like a good idea? What looks like a bad idea?

If i went with an 8.8 in the rear and a dana 44 in the front i would need a new transfer case, right? I remember reading something regarding that set-up but im not 100 percent sure.

I dont have my notes in front of me at the time being, once i take a look i'll see what i forgot to mention and add it. Thanks guys.
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Im planning on using the teraflex fiberflex kit. If you have never used a mono leaf before dont be so fast to dissmis it. Skyjacker and teraflex have spent alot of time on these lifts and I know teraflex is lifetime against sag. Is your spring pack? Any way im just saying that for a company to put these products out they do alot of testing, just because they are new and there are few writeups on them does not mean there are not quality.
I found a 1976 grand wagoneer with rear centered dana 44 and the drivers drop front dana 44 for 250. They are out there just keep looking. I have not taken a close look at them yet but I have been told that they are only about 3/4 of an in. bigger on each side than the yj axles.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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