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I just pulled the new rebates for Jeep in August.

First Employee Plus Pricing (+) for all 2005 Jeeps
through the end of the month.

2005 MY
Wrangler $0.00
Liberty Gas $2,000.00
Liberty CRD $1,000.00
Grand Cherokee $2000.00

2006 MY no Employ Pricing but there are rebates… (Check this out)
Wrangler $500.00
Liberty Gas $1,000.00
Liberty CRD $500.00
Grand Cherokee $2,000.00
Commander!!! $1,500.00

I can't believe there is already a Rebate on Commander they’re not even in the showroom yet! I have been doing this for 15 years and I have never seen this happen.

There is defiantly a Commander in Mrs. Machado’s future!
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