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zombie apocalypse December 21.

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are you ready? how about your jeep? lets see picks of mods you've done to make your jeep a prime zombie buggy!
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I bought a cj7. It should be ready for the apocalypse, amc360, np435, re4.5, Mallory hei, completely rewired, custom dash, corbeau seats, bfg km2 35's, g2 one piece axles...and of course...headers and glass packs. + a lot of other odds and ends.
baker3 said:
Bring it on!
Nice. That a 700?
Heres what I'll be using. Built it myself.

Firearm Gun Trigger Rifle Assault rifle
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.308 with custom paint done by me!
both are nice, I personally think the 2nd would do better in a hoard situation. better rate of fire, but what about your jeeps? any armor, heavy duty bumpers, extended fuel tanks, roll bar machine gun mounts? that kinda thing.
Building it now.
We have a downtown Zombie Crawl coming up as a fund raiser and just for fun so i am starting a Zombie Jeep .
Pics very soon
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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