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Hello all I would just like to post and explain to everyone on here how happy I am!! The girlfriend or anyone else seems to feel my excitement!! I got my 2001 Jeep TJ back from the shop today with my 3" Zone Suspension lift, 1" MML and some 15x8 Tuff Matte black rims with 33x12.50 Falken Wild Peak ATs. I just want to thank everyone on here, as I have looked to all the post I could find to put together my TJ. After 3 months of owning this is what i have now!



I plan on removing the side rail and replacing all the fenders just not sure which ones yet. I have put a new pioneer head unit in with the Polk db 5.25 upgraded speakers in the dash and the 6.5 in the sound bar. I have also purchased the door actuators and a viper alarm I plan on having installed next week so I will not have to manually lock/unlock doors. I also plan on removing the carpet and getting the whole bed spray lined. I will continue to update my build through this post as I go! I welcome all who want to ask any questions and I am so excited to continue to use this resource for my new toy/daily driver. :iamhappy:
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